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Cranked Up Live - The Podcast with Brad and Curtis. News, Comedy, politics…NOTHING is off limits! Syndicated Award-Winning Radio Hosts Brad Hennington and Curtis McKinney have entertained the masses worldwide for over a decade on terrestrial radio. Broadcast on over 160 radio stations during their career, the duo has decided to take leave terrestrial radio and start a video podcast. It is a new adventure, but one Brad and Curtis are ready to take. This Podcast has no limits; we will talk about anything and everything. It is going to make you laugh, but more importantly, it is going to make you think! Add the comedy and sarcasm, and you have the Cranked Up Live Podcast. Subscribe and never miss an episode. Enjoy!

February 8, 2020

Cranked Up Country 2-7-20 Show

On The show this week:  “We’ll dress up as whatever we damn well please!  Get me the makeup!”;  “What the hell is a hate crime?  Really?”; “We’ll explain the redundancy of a redundancy meeting”; and “Wilder Kingdom – The Great Roadrunner”. 

Find us online at www.crankedupcountryradio.com 

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