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Jul 2020

Cranked Up Live Podcast - Conspiracy Theories, Protesters and Texas!

This week Brad and Curtis float some wild conspiracy theories; they discuss how to avoid being shot as you "Peacefully Protest" for BLM and they explain why it is a seriously bad idea to spew nonsense in Texas.

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Jul 2020

Governors, Snitches, Lockdowns and Lies… It is Time to Party!

On this episode of the Cranked Up Live Podcast, Brad and Curtis let it fly on everything you're thinking and some of the things you should be! Do Not miss this weeks episode! We also celebrate the Return of "Trailer Park Trash of the Week" "We Ain't BullPoopin' You" and some other surprises!

Jun 2020

Cranked Up Live 6-29-20 - Once upon a time, there was a virus?

This week, the guys discuss defending your home against the mob, the election and "the virus"
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Jun 2020

Cranked Up LIve Podcast - Bubba Smollett - 6-24-20

Brad and Curtis talk about Bubba "Smollett" Wallace and the Noose Hoax!

Jun 2020

Cranked Up Live Podcast - The Great American Hoax

CrackerJacks, Uncle Ben, Covid-19 and Statues. Americans are losing their minds; why are we OK with it? When did my pancakes become offensive? AND what happened to the Guy Code? Tune in to the Cranked Up Live Podcast and find out!

Cranked Up Live - The Podcast with Brad and Curtis. News, Comedy, politics...NOTHING is off limits!

Syndicated Award-Winning Radio Hosts Brad Hennington and Curtis McKinney have entertained the masses worldwide for over a decade on terrestrial radio. Broadcast on over 160 radio stations during their career, the duo has decided to leave terrestrial radio and start a video podcast. It is a new adventure, but one Brad and Curtis are ready to take.

This Podcast has no limits; we will talk about anything and everything. It is going to make you laugh, but more importantly, it is going to make you think! Add the comedy and sarcasm, and you have the Cranked Up Live Podcast.

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Jun 2020

Cranked Up Live Podcast - Episode #3 - 6-13-2020

Episode #3 is a discussion about #Chaz, #BLM, #Protests and the state of our #country. We also welcome special guest Devon Fite to discuss his point of view on the #riots and the #BLM organization.

Cranked Up Live - The Podcast with Brad and Curtis. News, Comedy, politics...NOTHING is off limits!

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Jun 2020

The New Cranked Up Live Podcast

Brad and Curtis have left FM Radio and have started the new Cranked Up Live Podcast. You can find the video show on their YouTube channel at

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Jun 2020

Cranked Up Country 6-5-2020 Show

On the show this week:  It's a rerun.  There've been a few of those lately...but trust me, it's all worth while. 

Big things are happening!!! If you want the inside track on what's going on, you gotta connect with us on facebook and the website. 


May 2020

Cranked Up Country 5-29-20

On The show this week:  “Bernie Bros meet their pigeon foes”, “We’ll take an Adulting Class”, and “Roger Stone gets 3 years because somebody thinks that a friend of his said that what he said may not have been true”.

May 2020

Cranked Up Country 5-22-20 Show

On The show this week: we’ll recap the week that was no impeachment, we’ll update you on how soon you’ll be catching the coronavirus, and the Olympics may have the greatest new sport ever!

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